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Full Size Jeep 1973-1991 Cherokee SJ, Wagoneer, J-10, J-20, FSJ Reconditioned Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly With Brake Light Sensor / Switch



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Jeep 1973-1991 Cherokee SJ, Wagoneer, J-10, J-20 Clutch/Brake Pedal Assembly W/Brake Light Sensor/ Switch

Great Condition (4.9, 1-5 Scale) Only NOS  receives a 5.

Reconditioning Process:
-Only the Best Parts Are Chosen For Reconditioning
-Clutch/ Brake Pedal Assembly completely disassembled and inspected for cracks/ integrity issues
-Clutch Spring is tested, and replaced if necessary
-Components are Hot Tank Cleaned of contaminants
-After Hot Tank Cleaning the parts are media blasted / cleaned. Removing all paint / surface rust leaving raw metal
-Parts are then cleaned again using 3M Surface paint Prep
-Individual parts pieces are then painted black (3 coats toal)
-Pedal Roller Bearings are inspected and replaced if necessary

-Brake light sensor is tested and replaced if necessary

-1973-1991 Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer (Wagoneers came with automatic transmissions.  For Conversion purposes,This would fit )
-1974-1983 Cherokee SJ

-1973-1988 J-Series Truck

6 Month Unlimited Mile Warranty


International Shipping Available. Please Reach Out For Details

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