Towing, Winches, & Recovery

At, we understand that even a leisurly drive in your Full Size Jeep can lead to unexpected adventures, and sometimes, challenging situations. To ensure you're always prepared, our Winches & Towing category offers a range of recovery items.

Assisted recovery products include essential tools like tow or snatch straps, perfect for attaching to another vehicle using D-rings or tow points. Snatch straps are ideal for extracting a stuck vehicle due to their flexibility, while tow straps are better suited for moving a non-operational vehicle off the trail. Equipping your FSJ with both types prepares you for any eventuality.

Self-recovery is where winches become indispensable. Most off-road parks and clubs mandate a winch for vehicle entry, but selecting the right one involves understanding pulling capacities, line types, and solenoid mountings. A general guideline is to choose a winch with a capacity 1.5 times your Jeep's Gross Weight rating. For example, for a 5,000 lbs GVWR, an 8,000 lbs winch is sufficient, though many opt for a 9,000 or 9,500 lbs winch for extra power, especially in demanding terrains.

Line type and length are crucial too. Most winches come with 80-100 feet of wire rope, known for its durability and heat resistance. Recently, synthetic lines have gained popularity due to their lightweight yet strong nature and safer breakage behavior compared to wire ropes.

When it comes to solenoids, winches feature either an integrated or remote solenoid pack. The integrated pack, part of the winch housing, simplifies wiring and protects against impact damage, while the remote solenoid is placed externally, shielding it from motor heat and preventing overheating.

Additionally, various winch mounting kits are available to fit both factory and aftermarket bumpers, enhancing your Full Size Jeep's recovery capabilities.

Explore our Winches & Towing category at for all your off-road recovery needs, ensuring you're equipped for any challenge your FSJ encounters.

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