How To Remove Door Hinges From Full Size Jeeps (without damaging or destroying!)

The application process in this video tutorial will teach you how to remove door hinges from your Full Size Jeep without damaging or destroying them. 

This is a Grand Wagoneer, but this could be applied to your Grand Wagoneer, your Wagoneer, J10J20, and other Full Size Jeeps 1963-1991. This is specifically a tutorial focused on the hinges for a rear door, but the application can be applied to all of them.

When removing any old bolts, especially torx bolts, you have to clean them out. The tools that we're gonna use: WD 40, my impact driver, a very small extension, a T40 torx bit, and of course a 40 ounce BFH. 

Always ear protection. What I always like to do is, I hit them all with WD 40. It's not for the reason that you probably think. So, hit them with WD 40. Take your pick. Clean out all the crud and crap that's in there in every single little groove and so forth. And what you're basically doing is giving your T40 Torx something to grab onto essentially. The reason why I put WD 40 on, for one, it lubricates it to help get the crud out of it, but two, they love, especially if they're rusty, to get your torx spec stuck inside there. So then you're out here with a hammer or some kind of tool trying to get that thing out. If you lubricate them first, they typically don't get stuck inside.

Real simple. There’s 7 altogether, I'm just gonna show you the first couple steps here. With your extension, line it up, make sure you’re in there really solid. Tap it a couple times just to basically get it in there. And then basically give it a hell. As I'm hitting, or swinging, I'm actually twisting on the tool here. So you can feel it in your hand, and it'll turn minutely, very small, but, it's still turning.

Now she's loose. I repeat that on every other screw that's in here. And, that's it. I come back with an impact, switch this over to my impact tool, boom, boom, boom, pull this off, and you're good to go. This quick little job that should take you 20 minutes, if not done correctly, if you don't take these steps, could turn into an all day job because the next thing you know you have to drill out are these torx bits. Anybody that's ever done that knows that is not a fun thing to do!

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