Complete Window and Door Weatherstrip Kit for 1974-1983 2-Door Cherokee

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36.00 LBS
MSRP: $613.90
(You save $30.90 )


A Portion Of The Proceeds From Your Purchase Supports The Development & Reproduction Of High Quality 1963-1991 Restoration Parts.

Complete Window and Door Weatherstrip Kit for 1974-1983 2-Door Cherokee

Complete Window and Door Weatherstrip Kit for 1974-1983 2-Door Cherokee

MSRP: $613.90
(You save $30.90 )

Save on your Cherokee weatherstripping needs with our Complete Window and Door Weatherstrip Kit designed specifically for 1974-1983 2-Door Cherokee!

Replacing the weatherstrip seals in your Full Size Jeep is crucial for maintaining its integrity and comfort. These seals are your vehicle's first line of defense against the elements, protecting the interior from water damage, rust, and debris.

Over time, weatherstripping can deteriorate and lose its effectiveness, leading to potential leaks that can cause significant damage to your Jeep's interior and electrical components. Furthermore, new seals can dramatically reduce wind noise and rattling, enhancing the overall driving experience. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn weatherstrip seals is essential to preserve the value and functionality of your Full Size Jeep, ensuring it remains a reliable and comfortable ride for years to come.

Weatherstrip Kit includes the following items:

  • Front DS and PS Vent Window Seal Kit (2)
  • Front Vent Window Division Bars (2)
  • Front DS and PS Inner & Outer Window Wipes (Belt Weatherstrip) 4 pieces total
  • Front Door To Body Frame Seals (2)
  • Front Door Glass Run Channels (2)
  • Front Windshield Gasket (1)
  • Tailgate Glass Run Channel (1)
  • Tailgate Inner Outer Window Wipes (Belt Weatherstrip) 2 pieces total


  • 1974-1983 Cherokee

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