Full Size Jeep 1963-1972 Gladiator, Wagoneer, J-Series Truck, FSJ Refurbished Instrument Gauge Cluster

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Full Size Jeep 1963-1972 Gladiator, Wagoneer, J-Series Truck, FSJ Refurbished Instrument Gauge Cluster

Full Size Jeep 1963-1972 Gladiator, Wagoneer, J-Series Truck, FSJ Refurbished Instrument Gauge Cluster


Full Size Jeep 1963-1972 Wagoneer, Gladiator, J-Series Truck, FSJ Refurbished Instrument Gauge Cluster 

Core Return Policy: If we receive your  Uncracked/ Rebuildable cluster within 30 days we will refund you $70 12 Month Unlimited Mile Warranty

Please Note Clusters Are Built After purchase to allow for custom touches. 

***Please include your current Mileage, and Speedometer Preference. We are not able to zero out/list all zero’s on Odometer unless a complete Frame Off restoration is performed. If a Frame Off Restoration was performed and you would like all zero’s we will need a signed document which we will provide  ***

Restoration Process:
-MotherBoard/ Circuit Board is Replaced with New
-All Gauge Faces are replaced with New Stickers
-Stainless Steel Retainer Ring is reconditioned using 7 step sanding progression -Stainless buffing compound tight buff wheel
-White Rouge buffing compound light buff wheel creating a mirror like effect
-Metal Gauge Backer is Glass media cleaned, and coated for protection

-Speedometer/Odometer, Fuel/Coolant Temp are all disassembled, cleaned, repaired if necessary, Needles are painted, All moving parts are cleaned/repaired if necessary and lubricated for years of maintenance free use, ODOMETER is set to match your current mileage (Please indicate what your current mileage is upon purchase).:  2 hours
-All lights are replaced with NEW 194 LED’s ($15 More), or NEW 194 Incandescent
-OEM Plastic Bezels/Glass are Sanded and cleared removing all scratches/ imperfections.
-Original Plastic Kaiser housing is thoroughly inspected, and repaired with Plastic staple welder (if needed), followed by hand sanding
-Cluster Paint (High Quality) : Surface is prepped/scuffed, followed by hand masking, Sprayed with primer then Silver base coat, followed by unmasking tape and finished with 2 layers of clear coat: 3 Hours

1963-1972 Wagoneer
1963-1972 J Series truck

        •             The Information Below was collected fromhttps://www.jeeptech.com/models/jpu.htm
          J-100 panel delivery
          J-200 1/2T 5000 GVW (120" wheelbase)
          J-210 1/2T 6000 GVW (120")
          J-220 3/4T (120")
          J-230 1T cab & chassis or stake bed only (120")
          J-300 1/2T (126")
          J-310 3/4T (126")
          J-320 1T (126")
          J-330 1T cab & chassis or stake bed only (126")
J-2500 1/2T 5000 GVW (120")
J-2600 1/2T 6000 GVW (120")
J-2700 3/4T 7000 GVW (120")
J-2800 1T 8600 GVW (120")
J-3500 1/2T 5000 GVW (126")
J-3600 1/2T 6000 GVW (126")
J-3700 3/4T 7000 GVW (126")
J-3800 1T 8600 GVW (126")

J-45001/2T 5000 GVW Townside only (132") J-47003/4T 7000 GVW Townside only (132") J-48003/4T 8000 GVW Townside, cab & chassis or stake bed (132")

***Free Shipping Continental US***

International Shipping Available. Please reach out for pricing

To submit a return or exchange request, please go to our Contact Us page to submit order information. Photos of any damaged products may be requested and required to process any full or partial refund. If approved, we will provide you with an RMA number along with a return label for shipping.

Parts returned that are not defective, are subject to a 25% restocking charge. JeepRecyclers.com/McDaniel Motor Co. is NOT responsible for any parts that have been altered, modified, disassembled, or damaged by misuse or an accident subsequent to the parts purchase.

Reconditioned parts come with a minimum warranty of 90 days, unless otherwise stated (Refer to product listing for warranty duration). The warranty is void if the parts are not returned in the same condition in which they are sold. Warranties for aftermarket parts are covered by the manufacturer.

What Are My Shipping Fees?

For orders delivered within the continental US where reason for return isn't a result of a JeepRecyclers.com/McDaniel Motor Co. error, the cost of the initial shipping charge and a return fee will be deducted from your refund. A prepaid shipping label(s) will be provided. The flat fee for each item being returned can be found in the chart below:

Retail cost of the item Per Item Return Fee
Less than $25.00 $3.75
From $25.00-$49.99 $5.75
From $50.00-$99.99 $7.75
More than $100.00 $9.75


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